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“ROAR-CHOO!” by Charlotte Cheng & Dan Santat

When I saw this absolutely stunning cover, and realized that Dan Santat illustrated this book, I just HAD to read it! 

We really enjoyed this story- all about a poor dragon who has the sneezes, and a kind-hearted phoenix who tries to help him! The illustrations were so vivid and alive, and the story moved along at a quick pace.

It shows beautiful themes of being caring and compassionate to those around you, and taking care of yourself too.

The Chinese mythology and art represented throughout was something extra-special. 

Synopsis: “Patient, peaceful Phoenix tries to take care of rambunctious and cold-ridden Dragon, which leads to hilarious and sweet results (with vibrant illustrations by the Caldecott Medal-winning creator of Beekle). 

Everyone knows that dragons are fierce, capable of taking on the world!

But this dragon can’t stop sneezing long enough to get a roar out. Even with friendly Phoenix insisting that Dragon get some rest, this powerful creature refuses to stop for any orange ginger tea or a drop of bone broth soup.

It’s only when Dragon realizes Phoenix has caught the same cold that they are both able to take the break they so badly need. This tale of helping your friends and valuing differences is a sure-thing for story time.”

I definitely recommend this book to young readers, and I could see it being an extra-special read-aloud to celebrate Chinese culture or Chinese New Year. 

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Thank you so much to The Children’s Review and in partnership with Charlotte Cheng.


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