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"Flying Circus: Through Thick and Thin" by Leona Cobham

I was so happy for the chance to read these two fabulous chapter books! We love getting chapter books for our library that are:

  • Short, and easy to read for younger/early readers!

  • Illustrated!

  • Adventurous and action packed

These totally hit the spot, and gave us some great new reading options for our students. The covers are exciting, and definitely caught the attention of plane/aircraft/war history lovers!

Check them OUT!

Four planes embark on thrilling global missions, overcoming technical and personal challenges through teamwork, initiative, and self-discovery while imparting valuable aviation knowledge and positive life lessons.

Synopsis: A group of anthropomorphized airplanes encounter extreme weather while training at a mountain base. The Spitfire and the biplane, Woody, discover a suspicious mining operation. Tom, the F-14, accidentally gives their radio frequency to the antagonists at the mine. A snowstorm causes more problems. Tom makes amends by rescuing an F-117 Nighthawk.

The second story is a comic tale of mistaken identity. Spif feels responsible for the smooth running of a historical commemoration, but his plans are hampered by a series of hilarious errors involving statues of Wellington and Napoleon.

In the final story, when the friends are invited to an air show in the height of summer they become impatient with a Chinook who is garnering attention. They take to the sky, and the Tomcat lights his afterburners. When a fire starts, he assumes it was his fault. He overcomes his shame to help with the firefight. Spif must put his pride aside and accept assistance from the popular Chinook.

Each aircraft contributes to the effort with its own unique skill set. When they save some scouts who have been camping, it turns out it was the scouts who started the fire. They realize through making mistakes, we learn.

Enter the giveaway below for your shot at nabbing a copy of Flying Circus Through Thick and Thin.

Thank you to Leona Cobham and The Children's Book Review for the opportunity to read and review these two chapter books! Find them in our library!


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